History: as with many of the really fruitful ideas that men come up with, the concept for the formation of an International Men’s Club was inspired by a woman.

adairIn 1959, recognizing that while most of the male community in Washington D.C. was busy politicking, Marian Adair, wife of U.S. Representative for Indiana Ross Adair, decided it was only right that their ladies be introduced to the American political scene. She considered the right way to accomplish this was forming a Welcome to Washington Club to foster friendships and community activities among the wives of Foreign Diplomats and American Congressmen. The idea flourished and Welcome Clubs for Women sprang up around the country and the world. One of these clubs was formed by a group of enterprising ladies in Naples, Florida – one of the fastest growing communities in America. In 1993, the persistent Mrs. Adair persuaded the husbands of the Naples ladies to form a men’s club to foster better understanding and friendship between the men of this new community. The men had come from many U.S. states and from many foreign lands and had decided, having seen much of the world, that Southwest Florida was the perfect place for their permanent or winter residence.

The club was an immediate success. The contacts made at International Club meetings reminded the Americans of the many agreeable experiences they had had in working in international markets, and how friendly these men from other parts of the world really were. The newcomers were able to confirm that Americans were just as open and friendly as they had been told, and clearly respected the culture and points of view of people from other countries. But the most important element in the mix came in the fellowship and understanding engendered by an international club, where we could listen to knowledgeable speakers discussing with us the many interesting world developments in the company of like-minded men from all over the world.