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Luncheon: Adrian Kerr

Date: May 11, 2022
Time: 11:15 AM – 2:00 PM

The Vineyards

400 Vineyards Boulevard
Naples, FL 34119

SPEAKER: Adrian Kerr
TOPIC: “China: It’s History and Culture”


This is a lecture on the history and culture of China which has been the most populous country on the planet since before Roman Times. We will examine this immense and varied country from the origins of its native people to its first united kingdom to the Century of Humiliation to the rise of communism. China in the last thirty years has taken a formidable position on the world stage. The impact of China’s history, religion and culture is widespread and is felt every day as its influence continues to grow.


Mr. Kerr is a Professor of Ancient Civilizations and Cultures and is the Associate Dean of Continuing Education at Southwestern State College. He has spent the last thirty years researching, writing and broadcasting on the Ancient Civilizations of Turkey, Greece, Venice, India, Persia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and Iran.

Professor Kerr is particularly well known and respected for the interactive popular talks he gives to inquiring audiences around the world and has been acclaimed for being able to present complex historical, political and religious issues in a straight forward, balanced and enjoyable manner.

Kerr graduated from Leeds University before going on to conduct research in Iraq, India and Egypt.