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Luncheon: Hal Brands

Date: January 9, 2023
Time: 11:15 AM – 2:00 PM

The Vineyards

400 Vineyards Boulevard
Naples, FL 34119

SPEAKER: Hal Brands
TOPIC: “Defense Strategy, NATO, US/China “


For more than a generation, U.S. policymakers sought to make China a ‘responsible stakeholder’ in a thriving world order. Now, Democrats and Republicans alike agree that China is America’s most dangerous geopolitical rival. We appear to be moving into a new Cold War–with the terrifying possibility of a Sino-American hot war. Why do Washington and Beijing find themselves headed for confrontation? How high is the danger of war in the next decade? And what can America do to protect its interests and avoid catastrophe?


Hal Brands is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies US foreign policy and defense strategy. Concurrently, Dr. Brands is the Henry A. Kissinger Distinguished Professor of Global Affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He is also a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion.

Dr. Brands has previously worked as special assistant to the secretary of defense for strategic planning and lead writer for the National Defense Strategy Commission.

Dr. Brands is the author, coauthor, or editor of several books, including “The Lessons of Tragedy: Statecraft and World Order” “American Grand Strategy in the Age of Trump” “Making the Unipolar Moment: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Rise of the Post–Cold War Order”

Dr. Brands graduated from Yale University with a PhD, MA, and MPhil in history.