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World Religion and Philosophy Discussion Group

Date: February 15, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Regency Reserve Clubhouse

835 Regency Reserve Drive, Naples, FL 34119

The World Religions and Philosophy Discussion Group will meet on the third Wednesday of the month, alternating each month (given current space limitation), at the same location, with the Global Economic Discussion Group.  Roman Sazonov and Alex Blagojevic will be the Chairmen of both activities. 

The World Religions and Philosophy Discussion Group’s mission and purpose is to facilitate a friendly and educated discussion among IMCA members on the historical and archaeological roots of different religious and philosophical worldviews.

Discussions will focus on the lives of the founders, their historical and geographic context, and the followers of each particular religion and/or philosophy.

Discussions will also focus on the real world applications of religious and philosophical schools of thought throughout history and in today’s world, their use and abuse and the real world implications of different philosophies and religions.

On occasion, experts in different religious and philosophical worldviews will be invited to participate.  Topics will be announced ahead of each meeting.  The group will be led by Alex Blagojevic, who has a Graduate Degree in Religion and by Roman Sazonov, who has experience in ancient history and archaeology.